Revolutionizing Healthcare Finance with DeFi

DecentraMedic is poised to disrupt the healthcare landscape by harnessing blockchain and smart contract technology. It introduces a decentralized ecosystem that transforms doctor visits, payment processing, and NFT issuance. With a focus on efficiency and security, the project offers a decentralized approach to scheduling medical appointments and handling payments. It's driven by doctor contracts, enabling them to define services, set appointment time slots, and sign appointments securely using the ECDSA algorithm. Unique service hashes are associated with services, and users can reserve appointment slots, minting NFTs as proof of their reservations. The system also supports a two-step payment mechanism, efficient bulk NFT minting, and various token standards, such as ERC-721, along with service management capabilities and integration with the IPFS for decentralized storage.

Core Features

DecentraMedic's core features empower users and doctors in a novel way. Users can reserve appointments for predefined services using transactions containing service hashes or values. The two-step payment option allows users to lock their payments until doctors upload prescriptions within 3 days, after which they can claim the funds. Bulk NFT minting simplifies the registration process for non-technical users through a single transaction. The project supports multiple payment tokens, while doctors can define, delete, and manage services with associated prices and time slots. Access control mechanisms ensure only authorized parties can make specific changes, and NFTs can be auctioned on a marketplace.

Security and Efficiency

DecentraMedic places a premium on security and gas efficiency. It employs signature verification and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access and maintain data integrity. The system leverages the minimal proxy algorithm for NFT creation and management, enhancing gas efficiency. Ownership and protocol addresses play key roles, with specific functions restricted to authorized parties. The project integrates with IPFS for decentralized storage of prescriptions, ensuring data reliability and security. Events are emitted for crucial actions, such as setting prescription hashes and managing services, providing transparency and accountability

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